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Does Sprint sell phones where you can download music from your computer?


My iPod mini (ancient I know) doesn’t work anymore, and I’m getting a new phone with Sprint… so is there any possible way I could get music from my computer to my phone? What kind of phone? Thanks!


  • I have the upstage and at first I was really excited and now it’s more of a conversation piece (which allows me to make a lot of friends) anyway, the phone came with a cd and there is a program that holds all of your music. You can create list from the manager from your computer files or download music at a cost through sprint. I am elcheapo so i get everything from my own files also if you buy a memory card, other than the one they give you, you can store more music. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!

  • yes at least mine does

  • I’m not sure. My dad has a phone it’s a BlackJack and it comes with a CD and you can do things like that on it. I’m not sure though if it is Sprint, I doubt it. But look into other brands.

  • dont get sprint!!! they suck! they charge u for everything and their service is horrible, i switched to mobile and i am much happier, no more dropped calls, seriously dont get sprint, they dont have much phones to choose from

  • i don’t think it works u have to convert the songs to another format and sprint trys to make this next to impossible to do so u will have to download the songs to your phone from the sprint music store at like 1.99 a pop.